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Peggy Lipton was known as an actress and former wife of famous music producer, Quincy Jones. She is most famous for her role as Julie Barnes on the hit TV show 'The Mod Squad'.



Peggy Lipton was born on August 30, 1946, in New York City. She was initially named Peggy Ann, however her mom later changed it to Margaret Ann according to Lipton’s autobiography, Breathing Out. Lipton grew up as the middle kid in an upper white collar class Jewish family. Her father was a legal counselor and her mom was an artist.

While she had numerous favorable circumstances growing up, Lipton additionally confronted some troublesome difficulties. She built up a speech stutter around the age of 7. Lipton wrote in her journal that the condition was likely associated with being sexually abused by a relative around this time.


Lipton turned into a big name in 1968 with the debut of The Mod Squad. She, Michael Cole and Clarence Williams III played a trio of youngsters enlisted to work covert missions for the police in the wake of trying to better themselves as former criminals. The show demonstrated to be a tremendous hit with audiences, and Lipton rapidly turned into a household name. She even attempted to launch a singing career, releasing an album collection in 1968.

Lipton proceeded to win a Golden Globe for her depiction of Julie Barnes on The Mod Squad. She additionally got four Emmy Award nominations. Regardless of her prosperity, Lipton battled internal issues. She told the Philadelphia Inquirer that "when I started the series, I had no confidence. I was 18 and insecure."

Personal Life


After The Mod Squad finished in 1973, Lipton settled down with record producer Quincy Jones. The couple got married in 1974 and had two girls, Kidada and Rashida, together. Lipton to a great extent deserted Hollywood to concentrate on her family. She repeated her role as Julie Barnes for the 1979 TV motion picture The Return of Mod Squad, however she generally avoided the spotlight until her marriage ended in 1986.

She reunited with her ex-husband, Quincy Jones to play the guardians of their actual girl, Rashida Jones on the TV series Angie Tribeca. Lipton passed on May 11, 2019, at 72 years old. Many people in the entertainment industry came out to show support for the legendary actress. Her ex-husband and daughters want her name to live on.

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