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Tamara Day is known as an American designer and reality TV star. She is most famous for hosting Bargain Mansions and Design at Your Door.

Background and Age

Tamara Day was born in Salina, Kansas. Growing up, she took in every last bit of her hands-on aptitudes from her father, Ward Schraeder. In the wake of graduating with a degree in communications at Kansas State, Tamara Day started her path as a home designer.

Career and Net Worth

In 2008, Tamara worked on her first huge home design project. It was a 5,000 square foot 1980's abandoned home. The house was in a disaster area when Tamara and Bill originally purchased the house. It was loaded up with waste and basically the entirety of the machines that were left by the past proprietor had been wrecked.

Tamara designed every last trace of the house herself, however, a downturn hit that same year, and the Days needed to rapidly figure out how to do a great deal of things all alone, particularly Tamara. Along these lines, she got a mallet and got the opportunity to work. Whatever should be possible, in the event that she could genuinely do it, she was working on it. Eventually, the project that ended up being a treasure waiting to be discovered got the consideration of neighborhood magazines. With her experience, Tamara has made a career for herself both on and off the screen.

One home, in particular, made Tamara the designer she is today. While protecting a home from abandonment and disregard, the economy failed, constraining Tamara to do a ton of the work herself. To remain on the financial plan, she went to bequest deals and redesigned furniture to accommodate her vision for the house.

In June 2020, HGTV released a new show called Design at Your Door. For the first episode of the new series, Tamara Day was entrusted with conceptualizing, structuring, shopping for, and managing a family by means of webcam in renovating their guest room. Because of HGTV's partnership on the program, the Kansas City local who is accustomed to redesigning chateaus needed to purchase all the provisions on Walmart.com.

Despite the fact that her hands remain clean and no boots are required on the virtual series, Day is accustomed to working with what is before her for HGTV and on her former network, DIY.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Tamara Day got married to Bill Day in 2001. In the wake of getting married, Tamara and her significant other took on old, bedraggled homes that nobody needed and transformed them into delightful spaces.

Date modified: Aug 20, 2020
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