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Van Lathan is a senior producer and journalist for the tabloid news network TMZ, who rose to prominence during an argument with Kanye West, the famous musician who expressed some highly divisive views about slavery. After confronting and replying to Kanye West's comments during an interview with TMZ Live, the Los Angeles reporter became a celebrity.

Background and Age

Van Lathan was born on April 16, 1980, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the younger brother of Ebony Rage Lathan and the son of Terry and Christal Ellis. He currently resides in Los Angeles, although nothing is known about his personal life, such as whether or not he is single or married. In terms of his schooling, he graduated in 2003, but it is unclear from where and what he studied.

Career and Net Worth

Van Lathan started his career as a Hollywood tour manager for where he stood apart for giving travelers fiery insights regarding superstars in the most sultry spots in Los Angeles. Van Lathan worked for the celebrity media platform TMZ since the start of the program. He picked up a reputation when he stood up against Kanye West in 2018 when Kanye expressed that slavery was a choice during a live taping of the TMZ Live show. Kanye West went to the TMZ headquarters to be interviewed by Harvey Lewin and Charles Latibeaudiere. He started discussing his help for Trump and pronounced on camera that living under subjection and slavery, following 400 years, was a decision made by African-Americans.

After a few hostile remarks on servitude, Van Lathan chose to put up his solid reaction and confronted the rapper by saying that he didn't believe what Kanye was saying and told him that he must be mindful because his voice is too huge. After that occurrence, numerous individuals show interest in Van's own professional life on social media.

Van has built a reputation of never backing down from anyone who disrespects him. Vad had a high-vivacious showdown with Michael Babcock. Lathan warned Babcock not to treat him like that again in the wake of a contradiction over legislative issues.

Van is now a host of "The Red Pill" podcast, on which he talks about an assortment of points extending from legislative issues and sports to mainstream society and hip hop. The show's title alludes to the red pill in the film "The Matrix," whose impact is to stir unforgiving reality.

After being suddenly terminated from TMZ, Van Lathan declared joining Will Packer's new entertainment news show, Central Ave.

Van Lathan's net worth and salary numbers are not available to the public.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Van Lathan is not married and does not have any children. He has not revealed public information about his personal and private relationships. Van Lathan may be loud and generous with his thoughts, but Lathan is quite secretive about his personal life. It's unclear whether he's single, married, or simply in a tumultuous relationship. In interviews, he would occasionally mention his father and mother, but only in passing. His strong opinions did not always sit well with his father, and there was a point when they were not on speaking terms. On the other hand, his mother is extremely supportive of his life choices and his chosen profession.

Loss of weight

His weight loss was one of his well-publicized victories, thanks to his social media efforts. According to some accounts, he weighed approximately 140kg, but he now keeps it at 85kg, which is a good weight for his height of 6ft 4ins. His messages, which use the humor that characterizes his mood, encourage followers to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Date modified: Jul 15, 2021
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