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Deborah Norville is known as an American television journalist. She is most famous for hosting Inside Edition.

Background and Age

Deborah Anne Norville was born on August 8, 1958, in Dalton, GA. She attended the University of Georgia. She holds a degree in journalism. She served on the Main Court of the University's Student Judiciary and was a member of Delta Sorority.

Career and Net Worth

Deborah Norville is the longest serving anchor on American TV and an inductee into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame. The veteran journalist joined Inside Edition in 1995 from CBS News where she was anchor and reporter. Norville is the former co-host of NBC's "Today" and anchor of NBC "News at Sunrise." During the course of her career, she has hosted the primetime "Deborah Norville Tonight" on MSNBC and the national "Deborah Norville Show" on the ABC Talk Radio Network.

Norville is a member of the Board of Directors for the Viacom Corporation and serves on the Compensation Committee. She is additionally a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Women's Forum of New York, and Women Corporate Directors.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner got married on December 12, 1987. Their ceremony took place in New York City, at St. James Episcopal Church. They have two sons named Nick and Kyle. They also have a daughter named Mikaela. All three of their children attended Duke University.

Deborah's husband has been the President, CEO, COO, Chairman, and Director of Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management Inc. since 2003. He is additionally the Founder and Partner at Kawe Kapital.


In the summer of 2020, Deborah Norville gave insight on her coronavirus test. Norville said she took the counteracting agent test, which comprises of drawing a modest quantity of blood, at the same time as her little girl who she thought may have contracted the infection subsequent to going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The city has become a COVID-19 hotspot.

Her girl's test returned positive for the counteracting agent, demonstrating that she recently had the coronavirus. Norville was informed that her test demonstrated she had the infection, prompting her to self-isolate in her guest room and wipe down everything in her home with alcohol. Her specialist exhorted her to get a nasal swab test, which is the main FDA-approved technique to analyze COVID-19. The clinical staff came up to her vehicle window to direct the nasal swab. Norville restlessly hung tight for two days for the official outcomes, which returned negative.

Date modified: Aug 20, 2020
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