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Justin Ervin is an African-American filmmaker, producer, and photographer who is well known for being the husband of supermodel Ashley Graham. Unlike Ashley, though, Justin Ervin prefers to work behind the scenes and has built an excellent career for himself. Long before he met Graham, he worked as a photographer and was reasonably successful at it. Justin is well known as an award-winning documentary filmmaker for his film "Elephant In The Room," which garnered him multiple awards.


Justin Ervin was born on December 31, 1988, in the state of California. Atlanta, Georgia to Louis and Katie Griffin Ervin. He has a brother named Louis and a sister named Kia as siblings. He finished at the top of his class while studying cinematography at the American Society of Cinematographers. Ervin got a master's degree in documentary filmmaking from New York's School of Visual Arts.

Career and Net Worth

Justin Ervin released a documentary called, As In A Mirror about Senegalese shipper foreigners living in Florence. His other well-known movies include Elephant in the Room, Six Months Later, and LEAP. He is equally famous for appearing at events like the San Diego Black Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, and New Filmmakers LA. Justin consolidated Element Films as an organization in 2013.

Ervin has worked with major brands like Netflix, Vogue, BET, Gap, and Swimsuits For All.

Justin Ervin's net worth is not available to the public.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

It's impossible to discuss Justin Ervin without discussing his marriage to supermodel Ashley Graham because their tale continues to inspire others. During a charity event in a New York City church, Justin ran into Ashley in an elevator. He asked Ashley out after being nudged by a buddy, and the two went on a date. Ervin merely paid half of the cost, expecting her to cover the remainder. Ashley was taken aback, but he subsequently admitted that models had previously used him for money.

Ervin asked Ashley to be his girlfriend after they dated for four months. The duo then began filming a web series called "The Justin and Ashley Show." Justin proposed to her while she was watching one of these episodes and Ashley accepted the proposal. Her Nebraska Caucasian relatives, particularly her grandparents, were less supportive of her African-American lover. "Racism is never surprising, but always disappointing," Justin later told Ashley, referring to her grandmother's coldness toward him. However, Justin eventually won her grandmother over by calling her on her 60th wedding anniversary. In August of 2010, the pair tied the knot. They never go more than two weeks without seeing each other, even though he lives in Los Angeles and works in New York City. When Justin and Graham first met, she was at the start of her modeling career. From that point forward, Graham has become a modeling superstar. Graham has been open about her duty to her religion. Ervin shares his wife's values. The couple consented to avoid intimate relations until marriage. They agreed that waiting helped develop their friendship and also created a strong bond between them.

Graham has used her voice and status in the fashion style business to start more significant discussions about support and body energy. It was Ervin, and she said, who initially lighted her enthusiasm to enhance her voice. Ervin said he would return home from work when Graham was on the love seat watching Real Housewives. He had a serious talk with her and asked her if she wanted more from life. He expected more out of her and felt that she could expand her talents beyond just modeling.

The two invited their first kid together, a son, at the start of 2020. They gave birth to their child at home on January 18, 202. Ervin shared on Graham's YouTube show, Pretty Big Deal, that he wanted to name his child Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin.

Date modified: Jul 22, 2021
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