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Kaitlin Bennett is known as an American right wing online media personality. She is most famous for holding an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University after she graduated and her conservative media platform, Liberty Hangout.

Background and Age

Kaitlin Marie Bennett was born on October 15, 1995, in Zanesville, OH. Bennett graduated with a degree from Kent State University in May 2018

Career and Net Worth

Kaitlin Bennett excited gun rights extremists in 2018 when she commended her graduation from Kent State University, Ohio, by walking around the grounds equipped with an AR-10 rifle. She tweeted a photo of herself which went viral on Twitter. She wore a graduation top printed with the message, "come and take it". Her remark mirrored the Kent State University policy which grants guests, however not students or educators, to transparently convey weapons outside nearby.

Afterward, she disclosed to Washington Post she had no conciliatory sentiments. She said students ought to have the option to protect themselves against an overbearing government. Soon thereafter, Bennett sorted out an open carry rally at Kent State. The college released an announcement, saying a stop this instant had been given against promoting the occasion, as Bennett had not endeavored to enroll the occasion with the college.

Bennett once tweeted Parkland school firing survivor and firearm security dissident David Hogg, moving him to an arm-wrestling protest. He didn't answer her challenge.

Bennett tried her stunt again when turned up unannounced at the grounds of Ohio University on February 17, 2020, where she was met with swarms bothering her and requesting she should leave. Recordings Bennett shared online show a huge horde of students protesting as she showed up at Ohio University on with some sprinkling water at her vehicle. Other pieces of footage caught of her visit indicated the group following Bennett, companion Joel Patrick, and a safety officer around the grounds as she endeavored to interview students for a President's Day stunt, reciting affronts and tossing tissue.

She said the negative feedback she was getting always happens when a Trump supporter goes to school grounds. She claimed that the student protestors tossed projectiles and poured hot espresso on her and her crew. She was angry that the police didn't prevent the students from irritating her.

Bennett and her husband's conservative media outlet, Liberty Hangout confronted a negative reaction in 2016 for distributing a Twitter survey inquiring as to whether they accepted what occurred in the Holocaust as actual truth. The Twitter page later reacted to somebody's remark about the survey, saying that it didn't seem conceivable that six million Jews were actually slaughtered. These tweets were later erased from their account.

The media outlet has stayed a strong supporter of President Donald Trump on Twitter and wrote a polarizing tweet when they said that the president ought to be the king over Americans.

Marriage, Husband, and Kids

Kaitlin Bennett is married to Justin Moldow. They got engaged in Feb 2019 after Justin went down on his knees and proposed to her with a jewel ring in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Date modified: Aug 20, 2020
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