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Emily Blunt, in full Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, a British-American actress, is known for her crisply delineated portrayals of women from all walks of life.

Childhood and Early Life

Emily Blunt was born on February 23, 1983, in Wandsworth, London, to father, Oliver Simon Peter Blunt, a barrister, and mother, Joanna, a teacher and one-time actress. Emily has three siblings, an older sister named Felicity, a younger brother named Sebastian, and a younger sister named Susannah.

When Emily was eight years of age, she started stammering and struggled with it for the next seven. Her teacher advised her to take up acting to overcome her stuttering, and by following the advice from her teacher, Emily participated in the acting exercise and overcame her problem. She went on to find a home on the stage and was attracted to acting; she initially intended to become a live translator for the United Nations. 

As a child, Emily enjoyed horseback riding, playing the cello, and singing; she was very skilled. At the age of 18, she played the lead role in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in the United Kingdom. In August 2000, she got an opportunity to demonstrate her acting skills at Edinburgh Festival; her performance caught the attention of agent and actor Kenneth Mcreddie. Mcreddie went on and helped promote Emily in various London's theater districts, 'West End,' and 'BBC.'

Career Turning works

Emily made her Tv debut in 2003, starring Isolda in a British tv drama film 'Boudica.' In 2004, Evening Standard, a news organization, award her as the 'Most Promising Newcomer,' for her poignant performance in 'My Summer of Love.' Emily shared the award with Natalie Press, who was the co-star of the film. Her role as Natasha in the TV film 'Gideon's Daughter' in 2006 was awarded the 'Golden Globe Award' for being the best-supporting actress.

Emily's appearance in the comedy film, 'The Devil Wears Prada,' was momentous. The role won rave reviews and many award nominations like the 'BAFTA,' and 'Golden Globe' for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Personal life

Emily dated Canadian musician Micheal Bublé for three years. The couple lived in the house in Vancouver, which Emily bought for two million dollars. Due to the working schedules, they couldn't manage time for each other, and finally, in 2008, the couple decided to move apart from each other. The same year, Emily began her new romantic journey with actor John Krasinski, who was introduced to her by her friend Anna Hathaway. Soon they found comfort in each other company and felt that they were meant to be together, so they got engaged and married a year later on at the Italian lake Komo.

The couple regularly pleased the press and their fans with interviews and photographs, but after their first daughter Hazel's birth in 2014, they began to appear less, choosing to live a more closed lifestyle. The couple's second child, also a girl, was born in 2016; they named her Violet.

In August 2015, Emily became a naturalized citizen of the United States, acquiring a dual nationality, as she felt conflicted about giving up her allegiance in the UK.

Emily stated that meeting John changed her life; she felt support from him, making her feel invincible, and she felt grateful that she always had someone in John with whom she could depend upon during the good days and the bad days.

Date modified: Oct 13, 2021
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