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Who is Andrew Glennon?

Andrew Glennon is known as an American cinematographer and reality TV star. He is most famous for his appearances on the reality TV show, Teen Mom.

Background and Age

Andrew Glennon was born in Malibu, CA.

Career and Net Worth

Andrew Glennon worked on the camera group for the reality TV show, Marriage Bootcamp in 2017. Andrew Glennon's net worth is not available to the public.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Andrew Glennon met reality TV star, Amber Portwood when he was working on the crew for the TV show, Marriage Bootcamp in 2017. Bits of gossip whirled that Amber got pregnant with Andrew's child while shooting the show. Amber said Andrew didn't have the foggiest idea what her identity was.

Friends of Amber felt she didn't set aside enough time for herself after her split from her ex-boyfriend, Matt. To her friends and fans, it appeared when she severed her commitment with Matt, she should have waited before jumping into a new relationship. They were proven right when Andrew and Amber's relationship became violent.

Portwood was captured on aggressive behavior charges against Glennon in July 2019, with later reports asserting she followed him with a blade. She eventually confessed to domestic battery and was condemned to more than two years probation The cinematographer told his side of the story on an episode of Teen Mom OG in April 2020.

After the incident, Glennon said he's taking things slowly with regards to thinking about their child, James. Glennon felt his youngster's life was at serious risk because of the knife Portwood had in her possession. Glennon claimed that Portwood was incapable to provide a sheltered, stable, and secure condition for James on a continuous premise because of her incessant refusal and additionally inability to take meds recommended to treat her psychological wellness conditions among different concerns.

The reports claimed that Portwood got into a contention with Glennon, and got a blade and struck the entryway which Glennon was on the opposite side of. While the blade didn't strike Glennon, Portwood apparently hit him with a shoe while he was holding their child.

Glennon got a restraining order against Portwood. She lost physical care of their child however has since picked up visiting rights. Despite the fact that Amber and Andrew are not a couple anymore, he will still appear on the show. Producers are letting Amber disclose to her side of the story, and they might likewise want to Andrew to uncover his thoughts as the season goes on.

Date modified: Aug 20, 2020
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