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Vicente Fernández is known as a Mexican retired singer, actor, and film producer. He is most famous for recording more than 50 albums.

Background and Age

Vicente "Chente" Fernández Gómez was born on February 17, 1940 in Huentitán El Alto, Guadalajara, Mexico. His folks were the farmer Ramón Fernández and the homemaker Paula Gómez de Fernández. At age 8 he got a guitar and immediately figured out how to play it. He additionally started studying folk music. He participated in a singing challenge in Guadalajara when he was 14, and won in front of the rest of the competition. That success gave him the certainty to start performing in eateries and weddings. In mid 1963, his mom, Paula Gómez de Fernández, kicked the bucket because of cancer at 47 years old.

Married, Wife and Kids

Vicente has been married to Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor since December 27, 1963. He has three children with her. His better half is warmly known as Doña Cuca. Vicente, much the same as his child Alejandro, is infamous for being a ladies man and is regularly called a Don Juan.

Vicente was associated with public outrage when it was made public that he had kept up a secret romantic connection for a long time with Patricia Rivera, whom he met in 1977 while taping "El Arracadas". A long time later she announced that her child, Pablo Rodrigo, was a product of that connection and Vicente perceived the child as his, giving him the Fernandez name. Subsequently, DNA testing proved that Pablo was not his child.

In 2005, Fernández and his children, Alejandro and Vicente Jr., left a mark on the world by turning into the first Latin American singers to appear as cartoons in a video, for Vicente Sr's tune, Al Mayor de los Fernandez (To the Oldest Fernández), dedicated to Vicente Sr's. father.

Career and Net Worth

For over 40 years, Vicente Fernández has kept up his as Mexico's most prominent living singer, coupling an operatic range with a profound comprehension of ranchera music's provincial roots. During that time he motivated many imitators, however none would ever coordinate his operatic power and range. In the many Mexican motion pictures he featured in, Fernández regularly assumed a role that fit him impeccably that of the proud charro, or Mexican cowpoke.

At the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards, one of the highly anticipated snapshots of the night was when three ages of the Fernandez family shared the stage together and made history.

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