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Monica Barbaro is known as an American actress. She is most famous for her roles in Unreal and The Good Cop.

Background and Age

Monica Barbaro was born on June 18, 1990 in San Francisco, CA. Following a couple of years, she was at that point learning ballet. Ballet was her first entry to performance art, which was energized by her folks. Her enthusiasm for dance remained with her when she studied Dance at the New York University Tisch School of Arts. While she studied Dance at Tisch, Monica Barbaro took acting classes simultaneously and when she graduated and was prepared to kickstart a professional career, Monica had built up an enthusiasm for acting as performance art that she felt persuaded to investigate, and along these lines started her adventure to Los Angeles.

Having persuaded herself to pursue acting, she took further classes so as to improve her abilities and when she was 22 years of age, she showed up on the screen as an actress, unexpectedly as a dancer in an uncredited role.


Monica has been in a relationship with fellow actor, Connor Filman. It is unknown when they started dating but according to her Instagram page, the relationship has been on for some time and things appear to be great between the stars.

Career and Net Worth

Monica's appearance in shows like Splitting Up Together or The Good Cop is the finish of a voyage in entertainment that started early her life. Before she made it big, Monica Barbaro appeared in a few short movies, including Touchdown, Tomas and Jackie, and Table for One. She showed up in many short movies right up to 2015, with the main special case being a role as Eva in the film, Bullish in 2013.

Before 2015 got wrapped up, Monica Barbaro started to show up in progressively perceived projects like the show, Stitchers, and the film, America is Still the Place, before taking things further with an appearance in the well-known police procedural show, Hawaii Five-0 where she played the character, Ella Koha in an episode.

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