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Jason Mewes is known as an American actor and internet radio show host. He is most famous for playing Jay in The Jay and Silent Bob films.

Background and Age

Jason Edward Mewes was born on June 12, 1974, in Highlands, New Jersey. Jason never met his father, and his mom was an ex-convict drug addict. He experienced childhood in a working-class neighborhood. To support the family, Jason said his mom would break into hotels to steal their TVs which she sold for cash. Mewes was presented to drugs at an early age and he would later end up dropping down the same path as his parents.

Married, Wife and Kids

Jason Mewes got married to film producer, Jordan Monsanto. The couple co-produced 'Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie' an animated motion picture in 2013. The couple was married on January 30, 2009. Mewes and Jordan gave birth to their little girl, Logan Lee on April 1, 2015.

Career and Net Worth

Jason Mewes is best known as the vocal portion of the on-screen comedic pair, Jay and Silent Bob. Mewes' has repeated his role as the commended character, "Jay," in various hit films. With fans following his disputable jokes, Mewes has caught crowds with his silent other half and long-term companion, Kevin Smith who plays Silent Bob. Since the start of the pair's unique work together, Mewes and Smith have kept on the success of their Jay and Silent Bob series.

In 2010, Jason appeared in the mobster comedy, The Last Godfather, close by Harvey Keitel and Blake Clark, in which he played, "Vinnie," a Mafia supervisor who prepares his rationally disabled child as his successor.

Mewes is the Creative Producer at SModCo Internet Radio which propelled in May 2011, the Creative Producer at SModCo Internet TV (SIT), which launched in May 2012 and also has posted successful videos on his YouTube channel. SModco produces Mewes' weekly video blog called, Mewes Views, which was also the first SIT video to air.

Mewes' podcast with Smith, Jay, and Silent Bob Get Old has produced over 100 episodes. Mewes has taken the accomplishment of this series and officially produced the DVD form entitled, Jay and Silent Bob, Get Old: Teabagging in the UK.

Mewes' most noted film credits include, Smith's honor winning Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Clerks II, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This string of hits is all celebrated and proceeded with Mewes' notorious role as "Jay," a quick-talking, and oversexed however entirely amiable person. For his fruitful and forehead raising depiction, MTV respected him with the 2007's Dirtiest Mouth Award.

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