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Siraj Raval is known as a data scientist, YouTuber, and author. He is most famous for his Youtube channel where he posts videos promoting data literacy.

Background and Age

Siraj Raval was born and brought up in the USA and moved to Amsterdam. He holds a Computer Science certificate from Columbia University in New York City.


Siraj Raval has not revealed any information about his romantic private life.

Career and Net Worth

Siraj has been on a warpath to motivate and instruct designers to manufacture Artificial Intelligence as the Director of the School of AI. Siraj has been called numerous things, including Bill Nye of Computer Science, Kanye of code, Beyoncé of Neural Networks, Usain Bolt of Learning, and the Jesus Christ of Machine Learning

Siraj has had a prolific career that traverses numerous organizations and establishments. He's been Lead Software Engineer at BlabSay, Robotics Researcher at Columbia University, Lead Software Engineer at Lucid Robotics, Software Engineer at Meetup, Mobile Engineer at CBS Interactive, Developer Educator at Twilio and he even has his very own organization called as "The Siraj Raval Company".

In 2016, Siraj turned into the Director of the School of AI where he shows designers artificial insight. He wrote a rap melody about his January 2019 information course called "Information Lit" that has been seen by many people all over YouTube.

Siraj has worked on important projects like OpenAI, Google, Talso the Humanoid Robot, and the Da Vinci Surgical Robot. He has authored and coauthored different research papers and theories but in October 2019, plagiarism controversy struck him. He conceded stealing genuine researchers' work to produce a paper on neural qubits.

Raval, who has 700,000 YouTube supporters and 70,000 Twitter followers were previously blamed for defrauding many students, who bought into his online AI instructional class at $199 per person. As he showed classes on the most proficient method to utilize AI in different businesses, from money to transportation and coordinations, every week, netizens revealed a developing rundown of discussions.

To begin with, he enrolled in excess of 1,200 students without a moment's delay, while he had promised the course would be constrained to 500 understudies to ensure he'd have the opportunity to provide adequate help for everybody. Second, a great deal of the code referred to during the course was copied from other individuals' GitHub stores with the absolute minimum of attribution. The course itself was pretty bad, and to finish everything off, there wasn't even an official discount strategy set up.

Date modified: Jun 5, 2020
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