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Larry Flynt is an American publisher, entrepreneur, and civil rights activist. He is best known for founding Hustler magazine, which he launched in 1974. Flynt has been a controversial figure in the media for decades, and his outspoken views on politics, religion, and sexuality have made him a lightning rod for criticism.

Early Life

Larry Flynt was born on November 1, 1942, in Lakeville, Kentucky. He was the first of three children born to Ed and Edith Flynt. His father was a sharecropper and his mother was a homemaker. Flynt had a difficult childhood, as his father was an alcoholic and his mother suffered from depression. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and joined the U.S. Army in 1959.


After leaving the Army in 1964, Flynt opened a bar in Dayton, Ohio, called the Hustler Club. The club was a success, and Flynt soon opened other clubs in Cincinnati and Columbus. In 1974, Flynt launched Hustler magazine, which quickly became one of the most popular adult magazines in the United States. The magazine featured explicit photos and articles about sex and sexuality, and Flynt was often criticized for its content.

Flynt also opened a chain of Hustler stores, which sold adult videos, magazines, and other merchandise. He also launched a number of other businesses, including a casino in Gardena, California, and a television production company. In addition, Flynt has been involved in a number of legal battles over the years, most notably a case in which he sued Reverend Jerry Falwell for libel.


In addition to his business ventures, Flynt has been an outspoken advocate for civil rights. He has been a vocal supporter of gay rights, and he has spoken out against censorship and government intrusion into private lives. Flynt has also been a vocal critic of organized religion, and he has been an outspoken opponent of the death penalty.


Larry Flynt is a controversial figure in the media, but he has also been an outspoken advocate for civil rights and a vocal opponent of censorship and government intrusion into private lives. He has been a successful entrepreneur, launching Hustler magazine and a number of other businesses. Flynt has also been involved in a number of legal battles, most notably a case in which he sued Reverend Jerry Falwell for libel.

Date modified: Apr 8, 2023
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