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Katie Bouman is known as an American Imaging Scientist Researcher, MIT Graduate Student and Assistant Professor. She is most famous for creating the algorithm that captured the first-ever image of a black hole.


Background and Education

Katie Bouman was born on June 7, 1990 in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States. Her father is a businessman and her mom is a housewife. As a child, they urged her to chase her goals and dreams. She heard about the Horizon Telescope Event in high school while studying in West Lafayette.

She studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan and graduated cum laude with honors. She at that point acquired a Master's qualification in Electricity and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She got a scholarship from the National Science Foundation. Her Master's thesis, Estimating Material Properties of Fabric through the observation of Motion, was granted the prized Ernst Guilleminqui award.


Bouman joined Harvard University for postdoctoral work in the Event Horizon Telescope imaging group. In 2017, Bouman gave a TED Talk, How to Take a Picture of a Black Hole which would foreshadow her future discovery.

Bouman joined CalTech as a teacher in 2019, where she works in computational imaging research. In April 2019, Bouman became the lead researcher of a team that took the first ever picture of a black hole. Bouman suggests that dark holes have a shadow of hot gas.

Bouman was an alumni at Massachusetts Institute of Technology when she thought of the equation. The group, which strived for quite a long while to snap a picture of a black hole, is known as the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration.

Bouman built up a pivotal calculation that helped devise imaging techniques three years prior. That calculation prompted the picture of a supermassive black hole at the focal point of the M87 cosmic system. Bouman, working with in excess of 200 researchers, went through three years directing the confirmation of pictures and the determination of picture parameters.

Personal Life


Aside from his black hole fame, Katherine L. Bouman as of late had motivation to celebrate in her personal life also. She is a recent newly wed. Bouman married Joe Leong on September 2, 2018, in Michigan. Her cover photograph on Facebook shows her wedding dress. They dated for several years in college before tying the knot. Joe is infinitely proud that his new wife was able to accomplish her dreams.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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