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Julianna Zobrist is known as a Christian singer and songwriter. She is most famous for dance pop style of Christian music and for being married to pro baseball player, Ben Zobrist.



Julianna Zobrist was born as Julianna Joy Gilmore October 5, 1984 in Orlando, Florida. She was raised in Florida and Iowa City, Iowa. She started taking piano exercises at seven years old. She kept on demonstrating a passionate enthusiasm for music. She was also into writing poetry through her young developmental years. She moved to Nashville after high school to study voice at Belmont University.


On "Shatterproof," the hard driving pop/electronica title track that commences her ongoing hit album of a similar name, Julianna Zobrist hits the audience with power and expert articulation at the same time. Her boldly rebellious verses discover her confronting head-on the issues that she deals with in her life.

Since the release of Shatterproof, Julianna has performed at various philanthropy and special occasions around the country, including appearances for Gucci, Burberry, Celine and NY Fashion Week. She sang a blending version of "God Bless America" at the World Series, has met with Congress and two sitting U.S. Presidents.

She has been featured by top media outlets over the globe including Forbes, Huffington Post, PEOPLE Magazine/ABC News' "Superstar Love Stories," Beauty Atlas, PARADE, CBS, FOX News, and Sports Illustrated. Her significant other, Ben has additionally featured Julianna's single, "Alive," as his "stroll up" melody for his MLB games.

Personal Life


Julianna is married to Kansas City Royals pro baseball player, Ben Zobrist.  Julianna and Ben's relationship started honestly, on Instant Messenger. Following multiple dates, the pair formally got married in 2005 during a mid-December wedding. The two of them donned white in their ceremony.

She told the Tampa Bay Times about how their love started, “It wasn’t flirting and physical attraction that made me decide to date him. Of course we were attracted to each other but it was more than that. It was a lot of prayer and heavy leaning on my heart. I loved the way that he was so thoughtful. Our conversations were always purposeful.”

The pair reinforced over their devotion to their love and their expectations on raising a family together. It's somewhat wild in the Zobrist family unit. When you're trying to bring up two children, balance a pro baseball schedule and recording gigs, things can get somewhat insane for Zobrist.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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