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Antonio Garza is known as an American transgender social media influencer. She is most famous for her makeup tips and tutorials.

Background and Birthday

Antonio Garza was born on December 15, 2002, in Austin, Texas. Antonio claimed she has never loved school, and since her YouTube videos were making cash, it was the best choice for her to drop out of high school at the age of 16. The strain to balance two time-consuming things pushed her to settle on that choice, While in school, she couldn't post routinely and dreaded the possibility of her supporters losing enthusiasm for her.

Career and Net Worth

Antonio Garza created her YouTube channel in 2014, yet it took her an additional four years to make her debut introduction video in February 2018. The first video gathered a million views in quite a while, however, it was her "9th Grade Makeup Transformation" video that made her a sensation. She was able to build a channel with over 3 million supporters on her channel.

Antonio mostly displays her cosmetics abilities on her YouTube, and it has been a rewarding move, considering the sum she makes every day. The channel has aggregated a huge number of endorsers, and consistently each of her recordings gets about 450,000 views. Being such a celebrated face, her channel is the ideal stage for publicists, and she makes about $1,800 from the advertisements appearing in her recordings.

Antonio had never worked with anybody to make any recordings. In any case, that changed when she flew out to Los Angeles to make one with James Charles, a fellow YouTuber who shares her passion and energy for beauty secrets and tips. Tragically, that proved to be a bad choice since it cost her nearly 50,000 supporters. The supporters didn't care for how James Charles responded after Ariana Grande withdrew from his channel. James additionally got in trouble for joking about getting Ebola from Africa, which to him, is a country and not a continent.

Antonio may have felt that she had discovered another companion and partner in James Charles in the wake of working together with him in her recordings. James uncovered his real nature when he and Tana ridiculed Antonio's Coachella outfit. Her fans acknowledged the tormenting, supporting Antonio by saying that she dressed appropriately for her age. Antonio's fans included that it wasn't right for James and Tana, who are more established than her, to ridicule her. Antonio was disturbed, as well, and she responded by unfollowing James on Instagram and Twitter.

In 2018, Antonio tweeted that she was not Jeffree Star approved and thought about what tweet she posted that made Jeffree choose to unfollow her. She wasn't the first YouTuber that Jeffree had unfollowed. Jeffree had likewise unfollowed James Charles after the Tati Westbrook fight, and he claimed that James is a peril to society. He unfollowed James on both Twitter and Instagram. Antonio's faithful fans bolstered their preferred beauty master, saying she needn't bother with Jeffree since she has them.


Antonio Garza has not revealed public information about her personal and private relationships.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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