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YBN Nahmir is known as an American rapper. He is most famous for songs like "Rubbin Off the Paint" and "Bounce Out With That".

Background and Age

Nicholas Simmons was born on December 18, 1999 in Birmingham, AL. Before hitting it big as a rapper, Nahmir was involved in the gaming scene. He burned through a large portion of his initial youngster years hanging out on XBOX Live, gaming with and getting to know new friends from the west coast. They would record and share their own Grand Theft Auto V streams, transforming them into scaled down shows on YouTube. Picking up prominence inside the XBOX community for performing freestyles during Live meetings, he started to record and post tunes of his own to his YouTube channel for the sake of entertainment.

Without a professional producer, he had to get creative with finding beats for his songs. He found a few from his gaming network and a few were YouTube beats that he thought were free. He thought they were free since they said "free" on the web, but he didn't realize that he still had to pay to make the beat only exclusive to him.

Career and Net Worth

YBN Nahmir's hit song, "Bounce Out With That" has collected more than 102 million plays on Soundcloud. When YBN Nahmir first splashed on the scene, he had a bustling summer that saw him delegated a XXL Freshman. He also made his late-night TV debut nearby G-Eazy on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

His breakout hit "Rubbin Off The Paint" accomplished platinum status. The melody's a sprightly bop with a SpongeBob-type beat, bound with matter-of-actuality, Bay-territory arched bars about keeping enemies under control and getting cash, with Mozzy and Rick and Morty name drops sprinkled in the middle. The video for the track, wherein Nahmir sports a pink MCM knapsack and is encircled by companions and cousins, some of whom are a part of his YBN group, has amassed more than 181 million views. Popular rapper Vince Staples hopped on the beat, discharging a "Rubbin Off The Paint" remix of his own.

Relationships and Girlfriend

In 2018, Nahmir started dating Instagram star, Sahlt. The two started tweeting about missing an anonymous individual throughout a couple of weeks on social media. They then started to @ each other over a couple of days, putting their emotions on the front road for the world to see. Nahmir tweeted, "I could never get enough Sahlt."

Sahlt is known as a vlogger and social media influencer. She and Nahmir exchanged adoring comments on Instagram too. She reacted to a joke the rapper directed her way on IG with, "Baby I miss you so much."

Date modified: Aug 4, 2020
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