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Yojiro Harada was known as a Japanese tattoo artist. He was most famous for his appearances in the reality TV show, Miami Ink.

Background and AGe

Yojiro Harada was born on August 6, 1972, in Tokyo, Japan. His highest graduated degree of education was high school and his religion was Judaism.

Career and Net Worth

After living in Chicago, Yojiro Harada moved to New York City trying to turn into a professional musician. Following that spell, where Harada had moderate accomplishment with his band, Big Deal, Harada relocated to Miami to turn into a tattoo artist under the tutelage of Ami James. He worked for him for a long time, and afterward he requested to turn into a student, at the time his better half got pregnant. When his better half got pregnant, he realized that he needed to start bringing in some genuine cash, so Ami said that he could become a disciple. He worked at Love-Hate Tattoos with his manager as Ami James.

Yojiro Harada started working on the "Miami Ink" show as a student. There was an association with another TLC show, L.A. Ink, since Kat Von D used to be on Miami Ink, and afterward moved to L.A. Ink, her own show. Famous tattoo artists have expanded their names on both shows. Harada served up his first tattoo at the age of 19, which was inking his sweetheart's name on his body.

The hit network show, Miami Ink, got Yoji some universal distinction, and he turned out to be uncontrollably well known in his local nation of Japan. The show followed Yoji's progression from turning into a mellow understudy to an official tattoo artist. It additionally chronicled his union with his second wife, Bridgette, and his little girl's introduction to the world. The show's prosperity let Yoji return to his genuine enthusiasm, and he returned back to the band, Big Deal.

Harada opened a tattoo store in the Netherlands in April 2016. Over a year later, Harada was seen at a tattoo show in the Netherlands. Alongside "Miami Ink" star, Darren Brass, Harada formed his children's dress label, Ruthless and Toothless, after becoming a parent.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Yojiro Harada got married to a woman named Bonnie Minkus. Their marriage ended when Harada split from Minkus in 2003. He later married Bridgette Harada, the mother of his kid, Sydney. The couple was married in 2005 but got separated in 2009.


In March 2019, Yojiro Harada passed away and his unexpected passing was affirmed by tattoo artist Tommy Montoya, who shared the dismal news on Instagram.

Date modified: Aug 4, 2020
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