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Tia Maria Torres is known as an American reality television star and reality star. She is most famous for the reality TV show, Pit Bulls & Parolees.


Tia Maria Torres was born on June 11, 1960, in California. She experienced childhood in a broken home in Southern California and encountered a wild adolescence. She ached for her very own group and started to take in neighborhood mutts and stray cats at an early age. Tia was raised by her stepmother. The two shared affection for animals and together they battled to keep the family, which included ponies and many domestic animals.

When she was 17 years old, Tia ventured out from home along with her entourage of pets including her two Arabian ponies, an Angora goat, and her cougar. Tia enrolled in the Army and turned into a truck driver. Subsequent to finishing her duties, she was then enlisted by the City of Los Angeles as a young gang advocate. This job brought her into the housing projects and drug houses that would lead her into a career of working with parolees.

Marriage & Husband

Tia Maria Torres is married to Aren Marcus Jackson. Their loving relationship started after they started dating each other in the 1980s. During their relationship, Aren was arrested for crimes including theft of a vehicle and burglary. He was released in 2006. Not long after his discharge, they got married. He was arrested again in 2007. She has kept up a relationship with him even in jail.

They have two children together named Maria Torres and Tania Torres. They also adopted twin Hawaiin twins named Kanani and Keli'l.


It was an opportunity meeting at a Los Angeles Animal Shelter that would start Tia's relationship with Pit Bulls. A little canine had been reallocated from the crime scene of a drug deal turned sour. Tia looked on as animal control officials strolled the female Pit Bull into the safe house. As they were placing her into a pet hotel, the canine sneaked out of her leash and started dashing through the asylum and scrambled toward Tia's little girls, Tania and Mariah. The pooch made it to the young ladies before Tia and they were lying on the ground with the canine on them. Instead of attacking the little girls, the dog ended up licking them. Tia ended up adopting the dog and naming her "Tatanka.

Tia started to gain a lot of attention as a pit bull handler but she turned down a few production organizations since she was a private individual and would not like to be on TV, She decided to surrender to a world that she didn't see coming. In spite of the prominence of Pit Bulls and Parolees and the expansion in awards and gifts, Tia stayed humble and just focused on caring for her dogs.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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