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Fausto Gallardo is a Mexican environmental and political activist. Gallardo works to create a friendly society where preserving the environment is his rudimentary goal. Not quite famous of his own, but he is well known around Mexico, credit to his ex-wife Marcella Valladolid, a well-known chef in Mexico and the United States.


Born on June 1, 1970, in Tijuana, Mexico, Gallardo received his high school diploma from the city itself. There is not much to tell about Gallardo's life, as he remains a figure that distances himself from any controversies. Also, minimal information can be found about Gallardo, as he doesn't entertain himself with social media except for Twitter. The internet can't trace any information regarding Gausto's educational and family backgrounds.

All we know, Gallardo heavily involves himself with further development and research works relating to the environment.

Marriage and Divorce

In the early 2000s, Gausto Gallard married Marcela Valladolid, a famous chef. Madly in love with each other, the couple couldn't save their marriage as they both filed for a divorce and lived apart for a decade. Distance makes love grow more profound; the saying proved to be confirmed as the divorced couple found they weren't meant to be away from each other.

So, beating all odds, they re-married in a big ceremony in 2012. once again, committing the same mistake twice, the couple realized they were better of without each other company and decided to divorce once again. No matter how hard you try, some things don't succeed; the couple found this out the hard way.

The couple has two children together, their first boy was born in 2004, and their second was born in 2015.


Starting his career as an environmental political activist, Fausto Gallard is deeply motivated by his cause. He is committed to his beliefs and cherishes every bit of his work in safeguarding the environment and working to protect it. As the world today is fighting for sustainable energy, carbon gas emission, Gallard's works should be highly regarded because he knew this way back and started advocating for the environment.

Citizens of Mexico and the country itself has, from time to time, show their gratitude towards the works and effort of Fausto Gallard

Date modified: May 19, 2021
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