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Who is Michael Knowles?

Michael Knowles is known as an American political commentator, podcast host, and author. He is most famous for his conservative views and hosting podcasts like The Michael Knowles Show and Verdict with Ted Cruz.

Background and Age

Michael Knowles was born on March 18, 1990, in Bedford Hills, NY. He studied History and Italian Literature at Yale University, graduating with honors. At Yale, Michael delivered an interpretation for the English stage of political rationalist Niccolò Machiavelli's play The Girl From Andros, which Machiavelli researcher Angelo Capodivacca hailed as a turning point for the English-talking world.

Career and Net Worth

Michael Knowles started lighting the conservative political commentary on fire when expressed his views on the podcast, The Michael Knowles Show at the Daily Wire. In 2017, he wrote the #1 national top-rated book, Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, which President Donald Trump hailed as an incredible book for your understanding delight. His book contained 266 pages and a broad list of sources. Vanity Fair depicted Michael as a neat, lib-setting off troll.

Michael appears consistently on Fox and Friends, EWTN News Nightly, and OANN Tipping Point. He has gone up and addressed at research establishments and colleges all through the United States, including the University of Pennsylvania, Michigan State University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, Florida State University, the University of Alabama, Yeshiva University, Franciscan University of Steubenville, and the Alabama Policy Institute.

Knowles collaborated with acclaimed author and screenwriter Andrew Klavan to play out the thirteen-episode story podcast Another Kingdom, which gathered almost 2,000 five-star audits by the arrival of its last portion, ascending to get one of the most well known Arts podcasts of the prior year being reestablished for a subsequent season. Knowles acted in the TV pilot Blend In, the TV film I'm Back!, and the comedy HollyWeird after moving to Los Angeles. He also acted in a TV ad entitled "War Room" for the Ted Cruz presidential campaign in 2016.

Michael Knowles is a loud voice on social media, where he frequently comments on liberal belief systems. Knowles has been in heated disagreements with the Democratic Socialist politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio-Cortez has blamed Knowles for mansplaining and of attempting to belittle her role in government. When liberal and conservative talking heads battle on social media, Knowles is often seen throwing in his two cents.

In 2019, during a speech he shared named "Men Are not Women" at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, a protestor splashed Knowles with a blend of lavender oil and other fluids. Knowles had been nearby for a speech to a part of the Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative student gathering. The University of Missouri-Kansas City student was accused of attack in the wake of interfering with Michael's speech.

Michael Knowles has not made his net worth available to the public.

Marriage, Wife, and Kids

Michael Knowles got married to Alissa Mahler in 2018. They do not have any children yet.

Date modified: Aug 20, 2020
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