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Marlene Knaus is known as a former American model. She is most famous for being the ex-wife of Austrian car racer, Niki Lauda. She was born in 1956.

Personal Life

Marlene became famous during her marriage to a famous car racer, Nikki Lauda. The two started dating after they initially meet in the mid-1970s. The F1 racer Nikki was in a long relationship with his previous sweetheart before he met Marlene. He was so stricken with the delightful Marlene that he chose to leave his eight-year relationship to be with her. Marlene and Nikki stayed in a loving relationship for a couple of years before finally getting married in 1976. They were considered as one of the most blazing big name couples of that time.

The couple gave birth to two children during their short marriage. Their first child, a son named Mathias Lauda was born on January 30, 1981. They had a second son named Lucas. Mathias is additionally a race car driver and Lucas work as his older brother's manager.

Marlene and Nikki Lauda stayed in a loving relationship for almost two decades before getting a divorce in 1991. After her separation, Marlene wasn't known to have started a relationship with another individual. Marlene keeps in contact with her significant other even after getting a separation. Marlene Knaus earned a few million dollars from her separation with Niki. Niki had a large net worth of 43 million dollars. His earnings were made from being a three-time F1 champion.

Niki Lauda died on May 20, 2019. Affirming his passing, his family released an announcement to affirm his death which read; "His unique successes as a sportsman and entrepreneur are and will stay in our memory. His tireless zest for action, his straightforwardness, and his courage remain a role model and standard for all of us. Away from the public, he was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather. We will miss him.”


Marlene had a career in modeling but did not become a famous name until she married Nikki Lauda. She modeled for various brands during the 1960s but never made it to the upper ranks of the modeling world. After her marriage to Nikki, she was appreciated as a fashion icon. Being in the public eye allowed her to flaunt her style and get respect from the media.

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