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Liz Phair is known as an American singer-songwriter. She is most famous for her albums, Exile in Guyville and Girly Sound.

Background and Age

Elizabeth Clark Phair was born on April 17, 1967 in New Haven, CT. She was adopted by affluent guardians who brought her up in the Chicago suburb Winnetka. They later sent her to Oberlin College in Ohio, where she studied art. At Oberlin, she got interested in underground rock and eventually became companions with guitarist Chris Brokaw, who would later join the alt-rock outfit Come. Following their college graduation, Phair and Brokaw both moved to San Francisco, where she attempted to turn into an artist.

Eventually, Brokaw moved out east and Phair made a beeline for Chicago, where she started writing melodies vigorously. She additionally started releasing natively constructed tapes of these tunes under the name Girlysound. While she upheld herself by selling her charcoal drawings in the city of Wicker Park, she got dug in different bits of the Chicago elective music scene. She initiated relationships with Urge Overkill, a drummer named Brad Wood, and John Henderson, the leader of the Chicago-based record label, Feel Good All Over. Henderson and Phair attempted to re-record a portion of the Girlysound tapes with Wood, yet the pair had a falling out during the sessions, leaving Wood as Phair's only partner.

Married, Husband and Kids

Phair withdrew from the spotlight during 1995 and got married to Jim Staskausas, a Chicago-based film editorial manager who had recently worked on Phair's recordings. Close to the finish of 1996, Staskausas and Phair declared she was pregnant. On December 21, 1996, Phair brought forth her first kid, James Nicholas Staskausas.

Career and Net Worth

Born from the American underground of the late '80s, Liz Phair intertwined lo-fi outside the box rock production methods with the reasonableness and structure of exemplary singers and songwriters. Exile in Guyville, her gold-selling debut collection, was eagerly commended upon its 1993 discharge, and brought forth a rash of imitators during the next years, particularly American female singers and songwriters. Phair couldn't completely break into the mainstream, even with the help of the press and MTV. Whip-Smart, her subsequent collection, was vigorously promoted upon its 1994 discharge, yet notwithstanding its moderately solid chart positions, it was seen as a disappointment, and Phair's energy declined consistently during the mid-'90s.

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