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Ray Winstone is known as an English film and television actor. He is most famous for his roles in Scum, Quadrophenia, and Robin of Sherwood.

Background and Age

Raymond Andrew Winstone was born on February 19, 1957 in Homerton, London, United Kingdom. He was born to Raymond J. Winstone and Margaret. When he was 7 years of age, he moved to Enfield. His father maintained a business where his father had an occupation cleaning organic product machines.

Ray joined Brimsdown Primary School and afterward went to Edmonton County School. He likewise went to Corona Theater School and left with a solitary CSE in Drama. He had an energy and incredible drive to pursue acting and his father used to take him to the film each Wednesday evening. He was influenced by John Wayne, James Cagney, and Edward G. Robinson. He likewise grew up cherishing boxing, he joined the Repton Amateur Boxing Club at 12 years old and over the span of the following 10 years, he won 80 out of 88 bouts. He was a London student champion at Welterweight on three events and he battled twice for England.

Married, Wife and Kids

Ray met his significant other, Elaine McCausland, as they were taping That Summer in 1979. The two got married in 1979 and they are honored with three girls, Lois Elaine Winstone, Ellie Rae Winstone, and Jaime Margaret Winstone. Much the same as their parents, their little girls are also actresses.

Career and Net Worth

Winstone handled his first significant role in 'What a Crazy World' at the Theater Royal. In 1975, he appeared in the TV series 'You and the World'. He then depicted the role of Smith in an episode of the TV series 'Plays for Britain'. He played the role of second Youth in an episode of 'The Sweeney' in 1976. His significant role came in 1977 when he was cast as Carlin in the TV motion picture 'Scum'. This was later made into a feature film of the same name which was released in 1979.

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