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Lisa Thorner is known as a former model and actress. She is most famous for being the ex-wife of comedian and actor, Damon Wayans. She grew up in a Christian home. 

Marriage, Divorce, and Kids

Lisa and Damon Wayans started dating each other in 1982. Following two years of a hot romance, the couple got married in 1984. The couple had their first youngster, a son named Damon Wayans Jr. a year prior to their marriage on November 18, 1982. Lisa and Damon became parents for the second time on March 28, 1985, with the introduction of their second child, Michael Wayans. The couple later had two daughters. Cara Mia Wayans was born in 1987 and Kyla Wayans was born in 1991.

As the mother of four children, Lisa was very content with her family. She was carrying on with a positive existence with her significant other, Damon. Sadly, their delightful relationship reached a conclusion because of their disagreements and fights. Following 15 years of their marriage, Damon felt that he was discontent with his relationship with Lisa. From that point forward, the couple couldn't deal with their relationship. Damon petitioned for a separation with Lisa in 1999. The next year, their separation was concluded and they divorced from one another.

Following three years of Damon and Lisa's divorce, Damon started dating Charity Duplechan. The couple has been strong since 2003. Lisa never got into a high profile relationship with another man after their divorce.

Lisa's oldest child, Damon Wayans Jr. grew up to follow his father's footsteps as an actor. He is generally known for his comedic roles in the TV series New Girl and Happy Endings. Lisa's second child, Michael Wayans has also built up himself as a popular actor and composer. Lisa's third kid, Cara Mia Wayans is also an actress and is acclaimed for her roles in 2009's Dance Flick and the show, My Wife and Kids which starred her father, Damon as the lead. Lisa and Damon's youngest child, Kyla Wayans is also an actress but has not yet scored any big roles in her young career.


Lisa Thorner had small modeling gigs and acting roles but her credits are not publicly available. It is assumed that she played an extra on TV shows and films but did not build a significant resume.

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