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Eric Nichols is known as a reality TV personality. He is most famous for being the ex-boyfriend and reality TV star, Larissa Dos Santos Lima.


Eric's date and place of birth are unknown. He did not reveal much of his private and personal background to the media when he was being covered for being in a high profile relationship. It is assumed that he was born around 1992 in Las Vegas.

Relationship with Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Eric met his most recent sweetheart, Larissa Dos Santos Lima on a dating application. Lima said they met on Tinder and he never watched her show. When they started dating, she felt extremely great with him. Nichols was the first man Lima went out on the town with after her separation from Colt Johnson and they made their relationship public in March 2019.

Eric didn't have an Instagram when they met, and Larissa consciously edited his face in some exceptionally comfortable photographs of both of them back in February. She did not want to ruin his privacy but was happy to show his fit body. She just obscured his face to hide his identity. She left a remark on Eric's brother's Instagram, disclosing to him that his photograph helped her remember Elvis. She wasn't being silly, Eric does have a decent resemblance to Elvis in his prime.

When Lima parted ways with her beau, Eric Nichols, she did it over Instagram in September 2019. Lima wrote a note on Instagram and said that there were no hard feelings or regrets. She wanted to look into her own spirit and spotlight on being the best Larissa. She said she had tried to get over one difficult separation by hopping in a relationship with Eric even though she was not yet fully healed. She wanted some time alone to reflect and see what sort of future she could build.

Eric reacted in bitter shock. He wrote on Lima's Instagram saying that he didn't like the way she decided to end things. Lima responded back on her Instagram story saying that she has a breaking point and when you arrive at it, she will expel you from her life.


Eric is known for having three homes but the public does not know how he made his money. Having a lot of money to his name was what allowed him to attract the famous reality TV star that got his name into the public.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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