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Donya Fiorentino is known as a former fashion model and photographer. She is most famous for being the ex-wife of popular actor, Gary Oldman

Background and Age

Donya Fiorentino was born on November 10, 1967, in Key Largo, Florida. For her high school education, she went to Coral Reef High School

Married, Husband and Kids

Donya Fiorentino and the actor, Gary Oldman met in 1996 during an Alcoholics Anonymous social event. They started dating and immediately began to look all starry eyed at each other. Inside four months of seeing one another, Donya was at that point pregnant with their first child, Gulliver. Not long after, they brought forth another youngster, called Charlie.

The couple got married in 1997 and remained married for around four years. After their children were born, Donya was resolved to have a condition called rheumatoid arthritis. She wound up being reliant on painkillers, which spiraled her way of life into drug addiction. Eventually, she started her drinking propensity again, which by then formed into a cocaine reliance too.

At the point when they got isolated in 2001, Gary was allowed full care and kid guardianship of their children, Gulliver and Charlie. During their court battle, the actor attested it would be awful if their children at any point found their mom strung out on a drug overdose

Donya Fiorentino accused Gary Oldman of hitting her with a phone handset during a 2001 event. She guaranteed that she was holding the more youthful of her two children when the maltreatment abuse occurred. She additionally said that during the moment, she endeavored to call 911, at which time Gary got the phone and hit her with it.

At the point when Gary Oldman won an Oscar, Donya declared that the Academy wasn't right for giving honors to both Oldman and Kobe Bryant who has been blamed for assault against women. During the 2018 Oscars, she said the occurrence was a mishap for the #MeToo improvement. She told TMZ that it was tragic that two abusers were honored with Oscars.

Gary's children have remained close by him and guarantee that their mom has been creating false anecdotes about their father.

Career and Net Worth

Donya Fiorentino supported herself financially in her more youthful years by working as a model. At the point when she had progressively money related security in her life, she chose to pursue her passion and put her time into photography. Through her ex, Gary Oldman, she was additionally able to appear in little roles on network shows and movies.

Date modified: Jun 22, 2020
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