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Dean Ambrose is known as an American professional wrestler and actor. He is most famous for being a founding member of the WWE elite stable, The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.



Dean Ambrose was born as Jonathan David Good in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 7, 1985. His father worked far from where he lived and Dean rarely ever saw him. His mom worked nonstop to support him and his sister.

As a kid he frequently got in trouble, he started to get into drugs to deal with his issues. To find himself, he took to wrestling and considered it to be his solitary methods for escaping the wreckage that his life had become.


His wrestling career was propelled when he started working for Les Thatcher at Heartland Wrestling Association while he was still in his adolescent years. He started with the ring name Jon Moxley and collaborating with Jimmy Turner, he proceeded to win the 'HWA Tag Team Championship' in 2004.

On April 4 2011, he signed an exclusive deal with World Wresting Entertainment and changed his ring name to Dean Ambrose. With WWE, he has won a few major titles including World Heavyweight Champion, WWE United States Champion and Intercontinental Champion twice.

Dean’s exposure in wrestling led to some acting gigs. He assumed the principle role of John Shaw in the 2015 activity film '12 Rounds 3: Lockdown' and completed an appearance in the 2016 action film 'Countdown'.

Personal Life


Dean Ambrose is married to his long time sweetheart, the wonderful WWE sports broadcaster, Renee Jane Paquette, more generally known as Renee Young. The couple got married on April 12, 2017. They met each other during their WWE careers. Renee was considered to be a catch for Dean because she at first did not want to date any wrestlers. Ambrose was able to charm her and win her heart.

Young is a big reason why Dean decided to leave the WWE in April 2019. He felt that their long touring schedule was putting too much of a strain on their lives. He wanted time off but there is media speculation that when he is ready to return to wrestling, he will be joining WWE’s new rival, AEW.

Apart from his stone cold demeanor, Dean Ambrose is a man with a tremendous heart. He is appreciative to his mom for spending her entire life to support him and has constantly made his family his first need.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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