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Danny Glover is known as an American actor, film director, and political activist. He is most famous for his roles in the Lethal Weapon film series, the Color Purple, and Angels in the Outfield.

Childhood and Education

Danny Lebern Glover was born on July 22, 1946 in San Francisco, California. He was born to guardians Carrie and James Glover. As a youngster, he experienced epilepsy however has not endured a seizure since age 35. He wound up keen on acting since the beginning of childhood.

Glover went to George Washington High School in San Francisco. He additionally went to San Francisco State University but he didn't graduate. He was additionally included the Black Actors' Workshop of the American Conservatory Theater.

Wife and Kids

As a young actor, Danny Glover at first dated American actress Whoopi Goldberg. Afterward, he married American author Asake Bomani in 1975. The pair isolated later in 2000. They have a girl from this relationship, Mandisa.

Currently, Glover is married to Eliane Cavalleiro. They got married in 2009 and have enjoyed a decade long marriage. Glover said at a film celebration in Rio de Janeiro, that they can live all over. All he knows is that he needs to be with her. Glover met his twenty years younger lady at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in 2003. He says that she is the love of his life and that he would go the edge of the Earth to be with her.

Career as an Actor, Producer, and Director

Glover at first worked in a city organization. Afterward, he chose to pursue his career in acting and thus resigned from his city organization work. In 1979, he appeared in the TV series 'B.J. and the Bear'. Around the same time, he additionally had roles in 'Escape from Alcatraz', 'Lou Grant', and 'Paris'.

Some popular motion pictures and TV series that Glover has appeared in are 'Mozart in the Jungle', 'The Color Purple' and the Lethal Weapon franchise with Mel Gibson. Glover additionally has 39 credits as a producer. He also has 3 credits as a director and 1 credit as a writer. Apart from his career in the big time, he is additionally engaged with political activism. He endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination in February 2016.

Glover has accumulated four Primetime Emmy Award nominations. He has gotten the nomination for Black Film Award, American Television Award, and Silver Ariel. In July 2019, his loyal fans were delighted to catch Danny in the new trailer for Jumanji.

Date modified: Aug 9, 2020
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