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Alaina Marie Mathers is known as the oldest daughter of American rapper, Eminem.

Background and Age

Alaina Marie Mathers was born as Amanda Marie Scott on May 3, 1993, in the state of Boston. She was born to Dawn Scott. Dawn was the twin sister of Kim, the ex-wife, and the mother of Eminem's children. Because of her mom's failure to deal with her, Eminem and Kim lawfully adopted Alaina because of Dawn's illicit drug use and regular spats with the law. Eminem didn't want his niece to endure troubling times as her mom did.

Eminem gave his best to get Dawn a shot at overcoming her chronic drug use and mental problems. His endeavors all went into vain as Dawn was so addicted to drugs that she was unable to think past the medications. To spare Alaina from the hopeless life that she was going through because of her mom, Eminem decided to make a significant choice. He brought her into his home and into his family.

Eminem raised Alaina as his own girl with his biological daughter, Hailie Jade. Hailie too invited her as her own sister in the family. The two sisters have gotten along well as the transitioned from cousins to sisters. Eminem has additionally adopted Whitney Scott. Whitney Scott is the little girl of his ex with her partner, Eric Hatter. Alaina, Hailie, and Whitney have all been written about in Eminem's songs. Whitney has a twin sibling named Parker Scott but not much is known about him.

Being the oldest, Alaina has gotten many shout-outs in Eminem's music. The first was in "Mockingbird," a heartfelt song addressing his daughters directly, where he discusses his plans for moving the family forward during Kim's drug addiction.

Alaina went to Seneca Middle School in Michigan. She graduated from the University of Oakland with a degree in advertising.

Career and Net Worth

Alaina is not looking for her a career in entertainment like her father. She has a career-driven life after she graduated from the University of Oakland with a Bachelor's degree in advertising. She has impressed her peers with public speaking skills.


Alaina Marie Mathers has not revealed any public information about her private and personal relationships.


Eminem has full care of his girls including Alaina. Eminem adores Alaina alongside his two little girls Hailie and Whitney. Eminem has been known as a fervent family man in the media.

Date modified: Aug 4, 2020
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