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Wes Brown is known as an American actor. He is most famous for his roles in True Blood and Love Under the Stars.

Background and Age

James Wesley "Wes" Brown was born on January 26, 1982 in Fort Worth, TX. His father's name is James Brown and his mom's name is Peggy Brown. He was brought up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he went to Louisiana State University. Before moving on from LSU, Wes got his large break directly in his home state, recording the 2006 sports drama "Glory Road" in Southern Louisiana. Before long, he relocated to Los Angeles and handled another supporting role in the Warner Bros. feature, "We Are Marshall," in which he played actor Ian McShane's child.

Career and Net Worth

Wes Brown is most popular for his role on HBO's hit vampire series, "True Blood," in which he had a repeating role as Luke, a former football player fighting against vampires.

The actor has had guest-featuring roles on "CSI: Miami," in which he played actor Dean Cain's child. He was also on "Criminal Minds" and had a regular role in the NBC clinical drama "Trauma". He was also in a recent season of the police drama, "NCIS."

Brown was a series regular in the Lifetime Network's miniseries, "Beach Girls," featuring Rob Lowe, and is featured in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Love's Everlasting Courage."

On being an actor in the digital age, Wes said that there are unquestionably pros and cons. The pros being it's extremely pleasant to self-tape at home, take a shot at the project, and send what you believe is ideal. That can likewise be a con. You don't have a casting director to work with. Wes appreciates the up close and personal experience and becoming more acquainted with somebody.

Having been doing this for a long time Wes can confidently say he has a relationship with a great deal of the large casting workplaces now. When he talks to younger actors, he urges them to ensure they are doing this for the correct reasons. He thinks many individuals pursue acting just to become rich and well known. In spite of the fact that there are numerous advantages to encountering accomplishment in this industry, it's in every case always about the work if you want to succeed. You need to really adore the work, the specialty, and nobody can ever convince you not to be an actor.

Brown is also a guitarist and singer/songwriter.

Marriage with Amanda Moye

Wes Brown got married to Amanda Moye Brown in 2008.

Date modified: Aug 4, 2020
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