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Vanessa Lucido is known as an American entrepreneur and reality TV star. She is most famous for her appearances on the show, The Curse of Oak Island.

Background and Age

Vanessa Lucido graduated from Utah University. Lucido has passion and energy for riding ponies. Her folks owned a farm, and when she was little she used to associate with ponies constantly. She got a bachelor's degree in business after she completed her college studies. Vanessa Lucido's father passed on at 59 years old in an industry-related mishap.

Drilling is in her blood, and she picked up her aptitudes as it was done in the past, watching and learning at her family's drilling contracting organization, Becho Inc.

Career and Net Worth

Vanessa Lucido is the CEO of ROC Equipment, an organization helping treasure trackers Rick and Marty Lagina exhume borehole H8. Her workers say Vanessa Lucido is dedicated and lovely to work with. Her representatives regard her and like how she operates the company. Despite the fact that she works in a transcendently male orientated setting, she does not struggle and commands the respect of her crew.

Lucido's principle skillset includes being insightful, solid, and vital. She functions admirably with her customers, attempting to comprehend what they need, however she additionally attempts to stay in contact with how the market is getting along. Lucido knows that tolerance is a gift. She defines her drawn out objectives and ensures the organization is working on accomplishing them. She realizes that difficult work pays off and wants her workers to value challenges.

Vanessa Lucido entered the media spotlight when she started appearing in the reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island. Much the same as Lucido, the watchers of The History Channel's reality TV drama, realize that achievement isn't generally a given on The Curse of Oak Island. They have seen a lot of disappointment while running the operation at borehole H8. An episode of the show overwhelmed everybody when the ground underneath the gigantic metal oscillator disappeared. The borehole was giving in the oscillator on itself, so Lucido told the fortune chasing group that it must be closed down. On the show, Vanessa's older sibling Rusty portrays her as an overachiever with an attractive character who doesn't have the foggiest idea on what to do.

Lucido has built up a toy business that is similarly fruitful like her drilling business.


Vanessa Lucido has not revealed public information about his personal and private relationships.

Date modified: Aug 4, 2020
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