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Norman Lear is known as an American television writer and producer. He is most famous for producing shows like All in the Family, Sanford and Son, and The Jeffersons.

Background and Age

Norman Milton Lear was born on July 27, 1922 in New Haven, CT. After attending Emerson College in Boston, Lear enrolled in the U.S. NAVY, filling in as a radio operator and heavy weapons specialist.

Career and Net Worth

When Norman Lear won an Emmy in 2019, it made him the oldest winner ever at the age of 97. He won the award for "Live in Front of a Studio Audience." During his career, his name has been all over comedy that doesn't avoid genuine social and policy-driven issues. He was the man behind popular shows like "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons." Lear's comedies characterized the 1970s, particularly as social equality, Vietnam, ladies' freedom, and Watergate drove the open talk and propelled a large number of his shows' characters and teleplays.

Lear often had to combat a portion of his stars like Carroll O'Connor who had a fuss about his compensation and intermittent differences over the role of Archie Bunker and "All in the Family" storylines. He sparred with network officials, who conflicted with Lear over the substance of show like the premature birth episode of "Maude." "By the 1980s, network executives had picked safe shows to avoid any and all risks with promoters and crowds, and Lear-style shows fell by the wayside.

Lear proceeded to produce movies like "The Princess Bride" and "Fried Green Tomatoes," yet took rest after his 1994 show "704 Hauser," which was focused on another family in Archie Bunker's old house bombed with viewers. During the 2000s, quite a bit of his time was spent on support and humanitarian work. He and his spouse Lyn bought an uncommon, unique duplicate of the Declaration of Independence and took it on a street tour for a great part of the following decade. In the wake of depleting that tour, Lear sold the archive and concentrated on writing his journal, "Even This I Get to Experience" in 2014.

Marriage, Wife, and Children

Norman Lear's first wife was Charlotte Rose. They got married in 1943 but later divorced. He then married Frances Loeb in 1956. Their relationship lasted for thirty years before ending in divorce in 1986. A year later, he got married to his third wife, Lyn Davis. In total, he has six children from his three marriages.

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