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Just Sam is known as an American singer. She is most famous for winning the eighteenth season of American Idol.

Background and Age

Just Sam was born as Samanta Diaz in New York. She had a harsh childhood which brought about a muddled relationship with her mom. Sam hoped to utilize her singing ability as an approach to reconnect with her mom. She used to remain outside of her mom's work with an end goal to stand out enough to be noticed.

Before trying out for American Idol, she went through her days singing on metros all through New York City. This is something she's done since she was just a middle schooler. In the documentary, Sam, Underground, Just Sam revealed that singing on the trains spared her life.


Just Sam won American Idol from her Los Angeles apartment in May 2020. She won gold in the program's first remote season finale. The show had to broadcast without a studio audience because of the coronavirus crisis. Diaz's first melody of the night, "Stronger" by first Idol champ Kelly Clarkson, turned out to be well received by the judges. Diaz wowed them with her performance.

She revealed to Billboard that "Stronger" was the tune she picked on the grounds that it felt like an extraordinary method to fuse the nation's present situation in her performance. Notable vocalist Lionel Richie raved over the song, considering it an excellent performance.

Subsequent to being declared the champ, Diaz said she had the option to celebrate by means of a Zoom phone call with her congregation family where they supplicated and expressed gratitude toward God. However, Diaz's grandmother, living 3,000 miles away in Harlem, gave the youthful star all the energy she could deal with.

She said her grandma unable to quit crying nearly giving herself an asthma attack. Diaz's grandma was expressing gratitude toward God and Jesus because of the way her granddaughter was performing. The show's finale additionally featured an elegant cast that included Katy Perry, who performed her new single "Daisies."

Diaz talked glowingly of the star singer who once helped her discover her way through the opposition. She said Katy advised her to remember where she originated from and sing to where she needed to go. The show ended with an energizing performance of "We Are The World" highlighting Lionel Richie and former Idol competitors, including Ruben Studdard and Phillip Phillips.


Just Sam is a proud member of the LGBT community but has not revealed information about her personal and private relationships.

Date modified: May 26, 2020
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