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Arthur Gunn is known as a Nepalese-American singer. He is most famous for being the runner-up finalist on the eighteenth season of American Idol.

Background and Age

Arthur Gunn was born as Dibesh Pokharel on October 24, 1997 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He grew up with his folks and four sisters. In 2008, a portion of his relatives moved to Wichita, Kansas. Arthur was only 11 years of age at that point, however, he chose to remain in Nepal to complete school. It wasn't until 2014 that he joined the family in Wichita after he completed high school at home. Arthur learned English before moving to the U.S., and credits being a fan of American tunes with helping him become familiar with the language.

His birth name, Dibesh signifies 'light'. Arthur conceded he just thought of his stage name, Arthur rapidly and that it was assembled from various measurements. He's been singing since he was a youngster. Arthur grew up singing and playing guitar, however, it wasn't until the prior year he left Nepal that he started thinking about it as more than just a fleeting hobby. When he moved to Kansas, he started to become familiar with country music, and immediately decided he needed to make a career out of being a singer and songwriter. He started performing small shows in cafes and tried out for American Idol in 2019.


Arthur Gunn got his big break when he became a finalist in the eighteenth season of American Idol. The rising singer isn't hesitant to take artistic freedoms in his performances and shows off his signature snarl when he gives the crowds a show. The appointed judges of the popular singing competition perceived Arthur's ability from the earliest starting point, and casted a ballot to send him into the top 20. From that point forward, he was proven to be a fan favorite with voters across America.

Gunn earned a spot in the fan-casted a ballot Top 11 before eventually reaching the finals in April 2020. The show was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Gunn has released two album collections. Despite the fact that Arthur is hoping that Idol will assist his with careering skyrocket, he does not mind carving his own path. He released his first album collection, Grahan, in 2018, trailed by a subsequent collection, KHOJ, in 2019.


Arthur Gunn has not revealed any information about his personal and private relationships.

Date modified: May 26, 2020
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