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Freddie Highmore is known as a British actor. He is most famous for his roles in 'Bates Motel' and 'The Good Doctor.'

Background and Age

Highmore was born on Feb. 14, 1992 in Camden Town, London. His father, Edward Highmore, is an actor whose credits are essentially in British TV, including Doctor Who and an English soap opera, Howard's Way. Highmore was a student at England's Cambridge University finishing a degree in both Arabic and Spanish when he started shooting the first season of Bates Motel in 2013.


Highmore was rumored to date popular actresses such as Abigail Breslin, Dakota Fanning, and Emma Roberts. He co-featured with Robers in a 2011 motion picture called The Art of Getting By.

Career and Net Worth

Highmore had his star turn with Finding Neverland in 2004, directed by Marc Forster. Highmore played Peter Llewelyn Davies and had the chance to work with Johnny Depp who played Barrie and Kate Winslet who played his mom Sylvia. The youthful actor built up a kinship with Depp and the two stay in contact regularly.

Starting in 2013, Highmore featured in Bates Motel playing Norman Bates, the lead character of the exemplary Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho from 1960. Highmore's Bates was a more youthful rendition than the character played in the film by Anthony Perkins. Bates Motel was imagined as a prequel to the motion picture. The show featured Vera Farmiga as Norman's mom, who had been long dead in the popular film. Fans of the original film were interested to see how the life of Norman Bates was before he killed his mother. The show gave viewers a glimpse of how she treated Norman and eventually led him to his madness.

Bates Motel finished in 2017 after five seasons, Highmore then jumped into The Good Doctor. The Good Doctor debuted in September 2017, Highmore drew acclaim for his depiction of a youthful doctor who battled in his relationships with other individuals, the two patients, and collaborators in an emergency clinic. The character Dr. Shaun Murphy happens to be a virtuoso who is highly talented at making a diagnosis that others miss and, in the process, spares lives. His virtuoso ability also includes a capacity to perform confounded procedures that appear to far surpass the skills of a doctor at his young age and absence of experience.

In September 2019, the third season of the Good Doctor made its debut.

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