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Adam Schiff is known as an American politician. He has been the U.S. Representative for California's 28th congressional district since 2013. He is most famous for leading the investigation against President Donald Trump and Russia.



Adam Bennett Schiff was born June 22, 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts. His Jewish parents are Edward and Sherrill Schiff. His father was a sales rep and moved the family to Arizona when Adam was 10 years old. They then moved to California where the family bought a timber yard for the children to work on as they grew up.

Schiff studied political science and medicine at Stanford University, from which he graduated in 1982. He proceeded to study law at Harvard University, getting his degree in 1985.


As a partner U.S. lawyer in Los Angeles, Schiff picked up a reputation for his effective arraignment of Richard Miller, a FBI specialist who was passing records to what was then the Soviet Union.  He lost his first attempt at a political office, losing to Republican James Rogan for a state Assembly spot in 1994. He won a seat in the State Senate in 1996, and in 2000, he crushed Rogan in a rematch, giving him an opportunity to speak to California in Congress.

In Congress, Schiff has been commended for representing the different interests of his north Los Angeles-region area. Among the issues he has handled are measures to decrease helicopter noise, improve earthquake cautioning frameworks, and pushing for global acknowledgment of the 1915 Armenian genocide.

He has been a solid defender in support for Congress to pass another official Authorization for the Use of Military Force to battle the Islamic State. It was a politically troublesome vote opposed by members of the two major parties.

Personal Life


Adam and his wife, Eve met on a Marina del Rey tennis court in 1990. They quickly fell in love and were married five years later on February 19, 1995. They've been married for over two decades. He often writes about their love on his social media feeds. He even still remembers the shirt he wore on their first date and makes reference to it on Facebook. In spite of having different religious beliefs, they were an incredible match.

They have two wonderful children together. Alexa Marion was born on July 1998 and Elijah Harris was born on July 2002. In 2012, Adam took Alexa to "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," and she truly was delighted with the experience.  Adam and his children are very close. Alexa gave her father a makeover on a segment for MSN.

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