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Marita Stavrou is known as an American actress. She is most famous for being the ex wife of the famous basketball player, Reggie Miller. Marita Stavrou was born on November 20, 1965.


Marita Stavrou was once married to hall of fame basketball player, Reggie Miller. They tied the knot in 1992. The couple invited a son and a little girl to the world.

To pursue her acting career to the fullest, Marita needed Reggie to purchase a house in California but Reggie wouldn't listen. He instead started development on a $3 million house outside of Indianapolis where his team, the Pacer played. When their manor was finished in July of 1997, Marita started moving the family in until one night the house caught fire. Measurable tests the fire affirmed that the fire was set intentionally. While Marita Stavrou was never accused of setting the fire, neighborhood sources pointed to her as the main individual in Indiana who might have done something like this. Following nine years of marriage, the couple split up in 2001.

Miller was accused of transporting colossal amounts of cash to his friends to conceal his riches. He did this to lessen his divorce settlement. Miller's attorney, Jim Buck said that they had already given Marita $5 million dollars. They claimed that she was pursuing a horrible assault on Reggie, just to get revenge on him.

Marita moved to Manhattan in an attempt to restore her career. She wanted to get as much as money as she could from Reggie to boos her new life. Stavrou's pit-bull legal counselors, including Denise Rich's separation lawyer, Aaron Richard Golub wanted more than the $5 million dollars already received. They claimed that Miller was tricky with his assets and wrote checks to sell off his assets He unfairly took cash from the pot Stavrou was owed by labeling enormous findings as "everyday costs."

After the divorce, Reggie dated American actresses like Natane Boudreau and Jaimyse Haft. Marita claimed that Reggie was already seeing women on the side during their marriage.


In her acting career, Marita is most popular for her performances in 'Dinner Rush' in 2000, 'Strictly Business' in 1991, and 'Family Matters' in 1989. Family Matters was an American sitcom that aired for many years. The show centered around an African American family and their annoying neighbor, Steve Urkel.

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